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Old Duff – barkeep at the Rusty Anchor tavern in Rast
*Gresh – bar tough at the Rusty Anchor. Gave Kelovath a beating when he objected to the names Gresh called his mother. Known to buy an ale for those he beats in a fight.
*Roykar of Shalane – a learned sage, specializing in heraldic marks and sigils
*Ned Snakeshaft – a crafty, slippery thief who the group battled and released. Wanted in Rast, Shalane and other parts of Erlkazar
*Cult of the Sigil
h3. *Places

*Rusty Anchor – the only tavern in Rast. Good prices, good food, rough customers


*Impresk Barony
*Shalanar Barony
*Carrelath Barony
*Tanistan Barony
*Ahlarkhem Barony


Erlkazar History

House Rules

Character Creation
  • Maximum HP at 1st level
  • No evil characters
  • No “lone wolf” characters – if you step back and take a look at your character and can say to yourself “there’s no reason for this guy to join a group”, rethink your character concept
  • Ability scores – 4D6, rerolling 1’s once, keep highest 3. Assign as desired
  • Races/classes allowed: Humans, half-elves, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes. Classes are all classes out of the PHB and kits as per the kit list
  • Natural 20’s are critical hits – roll twice as many dice for damage, then add bonuses
  • Natural 1’s are critical misses – lose any additional attacks/actions that round and roll equal or under your Dexterity to avoid dropping/breaking your weapon
  • Weapon speeds are used, spell casting times are used
  • Holding an action to a later point in the round – state what “trigger” you are waiting for (eg watching for spellcasting, waiting for enemy to round the corner, etc)
  • Wizards get bonus spells like clerics – just use Intelligence stat
  • Bards, Paladins, Rangers – no bonus spells
  • Clerics can freely use memorized spell slots for healing spells of the same level if they have major access to the Healing sphere
  • Taking damage disrupts any spellcasting in a round – spell is only lost if you have already started casting when damage is taken

Main Page

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